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how do we do it

on site,
on demand

We are experts with over 120 years of industry experience. We come on site, on demand and work closely with you to deliver a solution. Deeply embedded with your team to ensure transfer of learnings at each step.

aligning financially,
to your results

We engage as your CXO, and remain committed for as long as needed to deliver the solution. We keep our skin in the game , aligning financially to your results.

crafting a solution
that works for you

Hypersonic allows you to explore growth scenarios in depth, and works on crafting a solution that works for you.

who can benefit from hypersonic?

  • We have successfully helped a wide range of companies re-define their growth tragectories.
  • Early stage companies, looking for a template for growth, have relied on our experience to provide and execute a sound solution, rapidly.
  • SMEs and large multinationals searching for that spark to rekindle their marketing, sales & distribution in the face of new competition.
  • It doesn't matter what start point. Everyone can benefit from thinking fresh, exploring new possibilities and breaking out.

what do we cherish most

for our clients.


We are practical and results driven. Our work creates impact. We've build our careers in industry leading brands and understand the power of market leadership.We solve your toughest problems, build long term capabilities and deliver audacious and impactful results. We love that we execute our strategies and tie in our remuneration to your success.

so how can we help your business today?

new markets

Looking for a strategy to enter new markets? Hypersonic accelerates this by bringing in a deep and practical market understanding across industries and a cross-functional view of the opportunity. Whether you wish to go it along or build a partnership, Hypersonic will be with you every step of the way. Our experts understand and take ownership of every element of the execution.

sharpening your
consumer narrative

We can help your brand stand apart. No matter what category the consumer is buying into a promise. That promise needs distinct, credible storytelling. We build the entire proposition and take it to the consumer building the right communication and media strategy to deliver the most optimal bang for your buck.

establishing sales &
distribution infrastructure

We create an optimal sales and distribution infrastructure to take your brand to the market. Using traditional channel, modern trade, online platforms to give you the best reach possible at the right cost. We will set up alternate channels for you to choose from, create the right sales story, build competencies and processes and drive the team to reach a defined milestone.

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case study

accelerating growth

An LED company with fresh investments was looking to rapidly scale up. Hypersonic dimensioned the business opportunity, identified 4 regions and within 8 weeks hired, trained and deployed a sales team to accelerate growth. We put in place KPIs and monitoring processes and ran the business for 2 months, delivering a 3 X revenue increase in the 4-month engagement.

Channel Revitalisation

A world leader in industrial chemicals asked us to audit their channel and channel management processes in order to revive growth. Within 8 weeks delivered our recommendations using our proprietary diagnostics tools. We interviewed a wide cross-section of partners selected to represent the diversity of their channel; met customers as well as the internal teams to complete our assessment. We are currently involved in executing the same.

Building operations and winning investments

An early stage company we worked with in the consumer Wi-Fi space was interested in building and executing an aggressive operating plan. We helped the company by refining its products and services portfolio, creating a skilled focused sales team, hiring, and then building a B2B sales pipeline. Establishing a sound business plan, we were able to successfully connect them to investors in our network and close a significant funding.

New product launch

A Swiss incubator and investor in the Indian agriculture space asked us to launch a B2C milk brand. They are large suppliers to the B2B market and wanted to expand to the consumer segment with a single city launch. Within 6 months, we launched the product in the market. The execution included the entire marketing mix, packaging, regulatory, testing, and distribution.

Getting execution right

A start-up in the house rental space was facing stagnant sales. We took over the sales team, reworked the sales processes and improved on the ground execution capabilities to effect a 3X increase in supply. On the other side of the consumer interaction, we re-designed the customer-facing processes, brought about simplification and prioritization; thereby making each customer service agent more productive.

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